Are you from Woodbridge, United States?
Yes, i'm from Woodbridge


  • What is this project?

    GamesLooper enables gamers from all over the world to swap games with each other. Add games you want to give away and identify games you want to get. The project will quickly find you a deal.

  • What is a loop?

    Loop is an automated system of matching swaps on the web site. For example, you want to play Watch Dogs and you are prepared to give away Mortal Kombat, and another gamer, on the contrary, wants to have Mortal Kombat and is prepared to swap it for Watch Dogs. Gameslooper will find a swap deal for you.

  • What my rating depends upon?

    Positive feedback increases your rating, and negative decreases it. Your rating is influenced by your activity on the web site, for example, pinning your games. The higher is your rating, the more noticeable are your goods and the more trust you have. It pays back to have a good reputation with the project.

  • How do I avoid being cheated?

    Look for users with positive feedback who have been registered with the web site for a long time. The most reliable people to deal with are those with the TOP rating.

  • May I swap with users from another country?

    Yes, you can.

  • May I swap or trade pirate games?

    No! We will block users with pirate games.